Our Company

Forever Fuels is a bulk distributor of Petrol, Diesel and Illuminating Paraffin to the mining, agricultural, commercial and retail industries.


Our distribution network covers an area ranging from Gauteng in the South to the Northern reaches of the Limpopo Province, and as far west as the Northern Cape, selling an total average volume of roughly 17 million litres of fuel per month. We don’t intend on becoming the biggest, but we definitely aim on being the best in the industry.

Our head office is in Randfontein and it is also where our main storage facilities are situated. We house enough fuel at this depot to ensure our clients a constant stream of products, even during frequent fuel shortages.

Lubrication Oil

Recently we have entered the lubricant market and are currently distributing our own range of oils that cover a wide range of products.

Retail Services

Our operation has also grown to include distribution to retail services stations in Gauteng. We currently supply our fuel and oil to seven franchised stations and we look forward to expanding this operation to an exciting new network in the future.

Our Fleet

The Forever Fuels and Oil fleet of tankers is well maintained and are routinely monitored to this regard, guaranteeing that there is no delay in our service delivery. Deliveries are made accurate with latest technology in fuel measuring equipment.

Our Team

Personnel are always available for help, even during those unforeseen after hour emergencies. We have a trouble free centralised ordering system that leads to the shortest delivery times in the country.

When others can’t supply,

Other distributors supply bulk fuel, so do we, but our product is service.